Climate Action — Children


Please do not Galileo me.
Source: Guardian

Unless you will ever contemplate lighting a forest fire, the decision to reproduce is probably the biggest carbon choice you will ever make.

How Bad are Bananas, Mike Berners-Lee (2013)


our goal is to quantify the consequences of the childbearing decisions of an individual

To be fair, not all journalists are like this. Just most of them.

Science versus Journalism

calculate their potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in developed countries.

‘I knew this would be a sensitive topic to bring up. Certainly it’s not my place as a scientist to dictate choices for other people. But it is my place to do the analysis and report it fairly.’

“Having a child […] is a vote of hope,” she says. “It’s a vote that the world is going to be a better place and we can actually tackle this challenge.”

[…] in her own life, she and her fiancé are deciding whether they want to cast that vote of hope for themselves.

“Because we care so much about climate change, it is a factor we’re considering. But it’s not the only one.”

Calculating the Impact

From here and here.

The Final Calculation

Source: Guardian



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